Desperately Seeking Style

There is something wrong with the world when the sight of a female in old cotton gym capris and a singlet (complete with sports bra uni-boob) can illicit a cacophony of "Damn!", "Nice.", "Sexy!" and a host of other things that I probably wasn't meant to hear or would have been better off being unaware of.

As if I didn't feel self-conscious enough walking from the gym to dance (see, I told you I'd go back). Aside from feeling as though my clothing was entirely too tight for a walk down 8th Avenue, nothing matched! The capris were black and worn out, with a torquoise stripe down the side. Singlet - royal blue and emblazoned with the phrase "Run like La Palestra!". And my sneakers - cute little Converse flats with pink fake laces.

Trust me, I'm not being modest. Not a flattering look for me. Really. Being in NYC, I'll be surprised if I don't wind up in some magazine with the evil black bar across my eyes, held up as an example of what not to wear this spring season.

Which leads me to the question - What's a girl to do when she's going from a run, to dance class, to CrossFit, to Pilates and everything in between? At what point is it OK to throw fashion sense (which I do have, really, I just prefer comfort over couture) by the wayside and let your active needs dictate your wardrobe?


  1. That is why there is a very expensive collections of catalogues for active women like Athleta and Title 9.

  2. So, you're saying that I have an excuse to finally walk into the lululemon store on the UWS?

  3. you guys are speaking an entirely foreign language to me :D

  4. ha! i get those catalogues and i cry cause they are so expensive :( You need to be a model for Title 9, get some free clothes!


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