Never fear!  I'm alive and well and living in theatrical of baked goods in the green room (actor's lounge), trail mix in the dressing room and ginger ale masquerading as champagne on stage.   A well fed actor is a happy actor :)

Whole Grain B*llsh*t

The Fooducate blog posted a great article about the tactics employed by the food industry.  Read through their examples, and I promise you that the next time you meander through the supermarket you'll see evidence  of these marketing ploys on virtually EVERY package you see.

National Captain Obvious Day

Today (October 1st) is apparently National Clean Eating Day. Or  NCED.  It's already got an acronym.


I propose that we make tomorrow National "If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle, Please Be Sweet and Wipe the Seat" Day.

Or National "Brush Your Teeth" Day.

Or National "Say Excuse Me if you Burp" Day.