One of my favorite purchases from Shirt.Woot.

Warning: Be prepared to make a purchase should you choose to click through to the site.  The shirt designs are entirely too witty :)

Dirty Dozen

Have you ever dropped an egg on the floor?  Being the clutz that I am, it's happened to me more times than I can keep count :)  Creates a mess, but a little paper towel, cleaning fluid and elbow grease cleans everything up and pretty soon I'm back to cooking.

A diet deviation should be no different.  If we eat something unplanned or perhaps a bit too much of something, all we need to do is pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and get right back to it.  Just like dropping an egg.  When I drop one egg, I don't decide that since one is broken I might as well drop the rest of the dozen.  Why is it that we tend to think that just because one meal got off track that the rest of the day is a lost cause?

Remember, we're always just one meal away from being on plan.  So clean up that egg, crack another and keep on cookin'!