A Shoe-In

Shoes. Beautiful, unique pumps. Funky sandals. Basic flip-flops. Sneakers. They all have a place in my heart. If only I could find them in my closet!

My feet are truly an extension of my personality - especially in terms of clutter. As of late, whenever I delve into my closet for a pair of shoes I can only find one. One shoe, always scattered far from its mate (which, no matter how much of a mess I make searching for it, remains lost). I know it's there, somewhere. I certainly didn't walk back into my house on one leg, so the shoe made it over the threshold. However, in my haste to "put it away" (throw my crap in the closet), one shoe always seems to get lost in the shuffle.

A lot in my life gets lost in the shuffle, the least of which being shoes, clothing, and the really cute onesie I just bought for my imminent niece/nephew! I have no one to blame but myself - sometimes it's simpler to push things to the side in order to make room for something new. Tuck it out of site when it's not relevant to the moment, or leave something difficult for a different day. While this proves to be the simpler approach in the moment, it always develops into an unending source of difficulty later on.

In life, as with my shoes, I need to learn how to put things away where they belong.

Mommy really did know what she was talking about.


  1. your closet and my closet must be related, or at least seperated at birth.

  2. Meri, do you have my other white con? I can't find it anywhere!


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