I Hear You Knocking, But You Can't Come In...

It was a dark and stormy morning, but this itty bitty Diva had places to go and people to see! Braving the rain, I stood and waited for the bus to pick me up at 5:42 this am so I could catch the 6 am bus to Midtown for my 7 am coaching with Coach P and my partner in crime Lisa.

Luckily, I snagged a solo seat on the bus, spread out (as much as someone my height can spread out) and closed my eyes for the duration of the trip. Hopped off the bus at 41st and 6th, and made my way to The Black Box, looking forward to working with some heavy weights.

As I turned up 38th, I saw Coach P loitering in a doorway (ok, fine - he wasn't really loitering, but doesn't that sound dark and mysterious?). Apparently, the key broke off in the lock to the metal security door outside CFNYC, and we were quite effectively locked out. He'd attempted to contact me, but being the good commuter Diva that I am, my phone was on silent and I hadn't gotten the message. Even if I had, Coach P would have missed saving me the trip by 9 minutes (by the time they gave up on their attempt to break in, I was already en route).


So, there I am in the city, with oodles of time to run!! Raining out, which I LOVE to run in, but I don't have a hat (my only real requirement for inclement weather running). I resigned myself to running on the dreadmill, catching up on world news (because, really - what else is on at 7 am?). But do I hit the gym closer to CrossFit, or to my office? Decided on the one closest to CrossFit, as I'll have to walk past it anyway. Plus, their entertainment system is far more reliable than the one by my office.

I walked into the gym, deposit my belongings in a locker and head to the treadmills. Wouldn't you know it - none of the TVs will recognize my headphones and turn on. The overhead TVs are showing static, and there is no music playing over the PA system. Now, I may be spoiled or I may be weak-willed, but there is no way I can handle an hour of staring silently at a wall. Sigh. I headed downstairs to the stairmill. (Meri is jealous) and gave that sucker a shot for a 5 minute speed interval workout while watching sports (I didn't want to press my luck by changing stations).

Ouch. I'm not sure what was worse - the pain in my quads, or the feeling that I had to look at my feet the entire time or else I'd trip up the stairs!

Next, I made my way to the mats and pound out my 24 burpees for the day. Okay, that's out of the way. Now I felt a bit more productive.

I practiced some pistols and box jumps, some assisted pull ups and dips (I much prefer using my bands), wandered around some more trying to remember today's WOD (not a lot of recall when you look at the CrossFit site at 5 am), or come up with something that would be the most beneficial in light of this weekend's Level 1 Cert. Finally, genius strikes! I decided to head upstairs to practice my rowing technique. I can always use some more practice on that machine!!!

Apparently, I am the only person since 1985 who has bothered to sit upon that poor, neglected, Concept II PM rower. After a very unsatisfying 500 meters I came to the realization that it was time to hit the showers, head to the office and pretend that my morning never happened.

Maybe I'll have better luck this afternoon at the gym.


  1. ooooh the stair mill! i am jealous :)

  2. You should have called me!!! :-) I have spare hats/visors/other head gear

  3. Maria, surpisingly the last thing that came to mind at 7 am was calling you :) You should play hooky and run with me this afternoon ;)

  4. Pay no attention to the horrid misspelling in the above post.


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