I am a Rock Star

How is this for entirely too cool?

This Sunday, NYC officials will be closing streets throughout the 5 boroughs so that I can run in them, unencumbered, and tour the boroughs as only a runner can.

Not only that, but 10s of thousands of people have traveled from all over the world, just to keep me company while I run!

And, not to be outdone, throngs of locals will hang out along the sides of the roads just to watch me go by and offer up a cheer.

All this to the soundtrack of countless bands situated along the way, making music for my feet to keep time to.

I am a very lucky girl.


  1. Good luck sis, I love you and am very proud of you for all that you have accomplished.

  2. Goo STACI!! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday! You ROCK my friend! Have an awesome race as I know you will!

    Loads of love and hugs!


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