Racing Nude

Saturday, I ran a half marathon naked.

No GPS. No watch. I ran 13.1 miles (2 loops clockwise around NYC's Central Park) with nothing but the mile marker clocks to tell me where I was in regards to time and distance. Nothing but my own body to tell me if I was running too fast or too slow, if I needed to pick it up or relax the pace.

It was frightening at first, to be so naked out on the road. My left arm felt strangely light. I kept wanting to adjust the band on the phantom watch - the same way I always want to roll my ring when I forget to put it on. I had no way to determine how much further to the next fluid station, how much closer to the finish, how much further from the start.

I simply ran.

And the result was wondrous! I ran a nice, easy training run. Exactly what I set out to do. I picked up my pace when I felt like it, took it down a notch when I needed to, and just ran. It was easy, relatively slow, and it didn't hurt. Just a nice run with a friend.

And, most surprisingly, I didn't mind running in the clockwise direction (I'm sure you've heard me bitch and moan previously about how much I detest running the park in that direction). In fact, I kept waiting for the hills I hate (not nearly as steep as what I run at home, but somehow more annoying) - but they never came.

It is truly amazing what happens when we step aside and get out of our own way.

For those of you who are technophiles like myself - I challenge you to go for a naked run. Place your watch in the drawer, coil up your headphone cables and leave the Ipod on the counter. Go outside and run.

Run strong, run free, run nekkid!


  1. I ran a 5K "naked" this summer and I found the same thing! I loved the freedom that came with just running! :) I've done that on some training runs this season too and I do enjoy it.

    Thanks for the reminder sweet friend! Glad you had a good run! :)

  2. You know what Notey says, nekid is always better!! :-)


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