Jumping off the Treadmill

After a long hiatus, I am adding regular runs back into my life! I have registered for all 3 of NYRR's March races, with the possibility of a February race in there as well. In addition, I've Post-it noted some evening runs with a friend here in NYC for next week.

Now that my work day extends past 8pm, the plan is to squeeze some quality (and distance) runs into my day - at least until the work pile becomes unbearable. Hopefully I'll be able to get a weekday morning run in there as well. Fingers crossed, the game plan is as follows:
  • CF/Lift 6x a week, following the main site 3 on, 1 off.
  • Supplement with at least 2 weekday evening runs, and perhaps 1 morning run.
  • Race or run one morning per weekend, preferably not on a CF/Lift day.
  • Rest one day per week. Completely.
I'm not sure how realistic this is, as I'll soon be working 7 days a week. But if I keep the runs short and quality - I am optomistic. And flexible. Most importantly, I'm excited to see how all the increased lower body power will influence my race times (not to mention the fact that I am not overtraining and running superfulous mileage).


I'm going to keep saying that to myself, in order to silence the mileage whore (who is currently kicking and screaming) inside my brain.

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