Kleenex, Puffs, or the Store Brand?

Mondays. I always dread them, and yet....once they're upon me I find them somewhat exciting. Maybe it's because the entire week is laid out before me, blank and ready to be filled. There is something oddly cleansing about Monday mornings, once you get past the initial horror of actually having to return to the real world :P

Speaking of - after an entire week of rest and recuperation, I am back in action! Last week I was felled by a monumental cold that pretty much left me useless for anything other than tissue consumption and self-medication. I normally would power through and work myself ragged anyway, but my training partner was out of town so I had the perfect excuse to be self-indulgent :)

I'm still trying to decide if the rest was helpful or not, but what's done is done.

Well she's back, and today I hit the gym for some much needed action.

What's your game plan when it comes to illness and training? Do you forge forward, regardless? Or do you take the time to heal?

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