2009 Trek Women's Triathalon Series

I want to do a triathlon. I'm crazy, I know. I can barely fit in enough mileage to call myself a runner, and here I am lusting after two new skills that I'll have to master.

1/2 Mi. Swim | 12 Mi. Bike | 3.1 Mi. Run

June 21st, 2009 in the NY Metro Area (somewhere on Long Island). That's all the information I've got so far. But it fits into my schedule, doesn't involve travel AND is incredibly affordable to enter at $75 for an individual ($145 for a relay team). All I need to do is find affordable (used) equipment suitable for a beginner.

And time.

Stay tuned for more nuttiness, as I figure out just how to add triathlete to my bag o' tricks :)

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