First Comes Love then Comes Marriage....

Imagine, if you will: two young women (ahem) meeting daily at the gym. While there, they train (a.k.a. "work out") together.

Now, perhaps I'm missing the big red flag, but what about that scenario screams "romantically involved"?

Apparently, there are a few people at our gym who seem to think that my training partner and I are a couple. Really. Now, as far as I can recall we've given people no reason to come to that conclusion. No mud wrestling, no P.D.A. Just a lot of hard work and sweat. In fact, I have had many "gym dates" over the years and never once was pegged as a couple.

So I can only assume that it's the lifting. Since we're not gym bunnies or cardio queens - but instead pretty bad ass (if I do say so myself) chicks throwing around substantial weight (shh, let me have my happy place) I wonder if that is the jumping point from "girls who train hard" to "girls who must be gay".

Eh, whatever. The end result is the same - nobody bugs us :)

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