Heavy Metal Crossfit

This past weekend, I went to see Metallica in concert. From my vantage point in section 226, row 3, seat 20 I was able to look down upon some of the most entertaining chaos I have ever seen :) And virtually none of it was on the stage! It was all out on the floor, amongst the crowd that pressed up against the security barrier.

At least 5 times I saw (who I dubbed) Mr. Stretcher man come out from "backstage" and make his way through the throng of people with and empty stretcher and come back with a full one. OK, fine, my idea of entertaining might be a bit sick ;)

I witnessed multiple body surfing sessions, one of which resulted in the body in question being wrenched from the crowd by the security personnel and carried hand and foot out of the concert.

And of course, there were mosh pits galore! Here a mosh pit, there a mosh pit, everywhere a mosh pit!

As I looked down upon the gleeful carnage, I realized that in some ways, CrossFit is the Heavy Metal of the Fitness world...
We are often loud, occasionally vulgar, always sweaty, and - let's face it - from the outside we're just not that easy to understand.
Rock on!

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