NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge, 4M

Another weekend, another race recap! Now this is what I'm talking about :)

Yesterday, I ran the annual NYRR Colon Cancer Challenge. I had been registered for the 15k, but opted instead for the 4M race, as I am still not quite 100%. Let me tell you - as much as I love ultra events, there is something to be said for short, sweet and speedy (well, relatively so). I ran it in 35:53, for an 8:58 mm pace. My previous PR at this distance was an 8:11 mm pace, so I was definitely slow. But I kept the entire race very consistent (as always slowing down considerably in the 3rd mile - that 102nd street transverse and then south along the west side gets me every time). While it was far from effortless, it was fun. I definitely had plenty more in me, but I opted not to go all out since I'm not sure right now just how quickly I can recover.

The weather was perfect - crisp and chilly at the start, warming up by the finish. A nice, small turnout for the 4M - no traffic jams, or errant elbows. All in all, it was a great way to start my day. Especially considering that the rest of it was spent at my desk :)

The next race on my schedule is the City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks 4M on April 5th. 10 days from the end of tax season - I'm going to hope to better yesterday's time, but in actuality I'll be lucky if I can string two words together by that point :)

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