Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

The internet is a wild resource - especially things like Facebook. One simple click, and virtually everyone you know is right there, at your fingertips. For better or for worse, the internet has made us all incredibly accessible.

I will admit that Facebook is usually open in a tab on my computer all day while at work. As a result I've been a bit more connected to a lot of the peripheral people in my life - the people I worked with once or twice, met through friends or on online forums. People with whom I have significant amount of things in common, even if geographically we're far apart.

As I browsed through my friends, I noticed one glaringly similar attribute about almost all of them - they're really attractive. I mean, some of them are downright phenominal looking. Truly.

Now, I can understand that about all of my theatre friends. We're in a business that rewards good looks to the point where it's almost a more important factor in your sucess than your talent. But my regular people friends (that's what I call my non-actor buds, making all of us theatre folk abnormal I guess)? What is it about all of them that contributes to this baseline gorgeousness? Am I petty? Was it in the water?


My normal people friends are all people I've met through sports.

Either running or CrossFit, most of my non-theatrical friends are all very active. So the question becomes, are attractive people drawn to sports, or is it simply that being involved in physical activity somehow brings out the ''pretty" in us?

I'm going to go with the latter - I think that when you find sporting activities you love to do, you want to do them well and feel good while doing them. So you clean up your diet, add some complimentary training regimes to gain strength, power and agility, and just generally take good care of yourself. Everyone has the potential to look good. Everyone. And I don't mean that in a purely physical sense, either - the underlying appeal really does come from within.

In the end, people who are active generally possess higher self-esteem (even though they are, at times, basket cases). That self-esteem is what I was "reading" as I looked through my Facebook friends.

*This is not to say that any of my non-theatrical, not sports-oriented friends are in any way unappealing. You're all beautiful, and you know it. I'm a very lucky girl.**

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