Diarrhea of the Mouth, Constipation of the Brain

Here's an important injury prevention tip for some of my fellow gym goers:

Keep your mouth shut. Please.

Unsolicited commentary that I can do without:
"That makes my back just hurt looking at you do that." - from the man doing abs while I was in the course of doing "DT" yesterday,
  • suggested response from Mr. Diva "If your back hurts, then you might be doing it wrong".
"Manly woman" - from gym trainer, in reference to my not using gloves while doing pull-ups.
  • suggested response from Mr. Diva "Better than being a (expletive deleted) pussy".
"You're doing great- much stronger. Getting lean. I remember when you first started coming here" - girl translation: "You used to be fat".
  • suggested response from Mr. Diva "Who asked you? Go to hell." and "Stop talking to my girlfriend".
The same way I don't comment about the 4 kg Kettlebell you're using (or the fact that your range of motion makes my grandmother look sprightly), you need to keep your thoughts to yourself. Please. Even the well meaning ones - if I don't know you, then I don't know how to take your comment. And since I'm a girl, I'll most likely give it an uncomplimentary spin (unless you tell me flat out that I'm hot. That I'll understand). But to be on the safe side - shhh.

Really. Use your inside voice and we'll all get along. I promise.

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