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Somebody stole my bicycle.

Last night, I went out back to walk the dog. As I stood there waiting for Doc to do his business, I looked at my patio, and mentally started to furnish it (we have a deck and a patio, but never use it - very sad). As I rearranged the virtual loveseat (all-weather wicker, of course), I realized that the patio looked different. The random window screen was there, enmeshed in the beach chair that I left out there over the summer, but that was it. No bike.

For a good twelve months, my bicycle has been sitting on the patio. Right where I left it after wheeling around from the car. Every rainstorm and snowstorm I told myself that once it dried off, I'd bring it inside and put it into the crawlspace. As it got rustier, I made a mental note to bring it in to get tuned up, and maybe put some road tires on it (in case I get around to doing that sprint triathlon).

My first thought, as I stood looking at the spot where the bicycle used to be was that I had taken it inside and just didn't remember it (I do that often). So, Doc and I came inside and I first checked my room (when we moved, I set up a practice room for myself that has since become my version of a garage full o'crap. Urgh). OK. No bike. Next stop - the crawl space in the laundry room, where luggage and my bicycle are supposed to live. No bike.

Somebody stole my bicycle.

But when? A short time ago Mr. Diva bought a coiled cable lock for our upcoming vacation, and commented the other day that he shouldn't have, because he noticed that we had one on my bicycle. So it was there at least a week or so ago. The weather has finally broken, so the lawn care guys have just now mowed for the first time. Did they take it? Or was it a snot-nosed kid? Or a group of kids, going around stealing things off people's patios (don't laugh - they stole the emblem off my car a few years back).

The real injustice in all of this is that it's entirely my own fault. I had a bicycle, and I neglected it. I had the best of intentions, and always meant to use it - but I didn't it. And now it's gone.

By a (very wide) stretch of the imagination, our bodies are really no different. We have the best of intentions to take charge and learn a new skill, get stronger, faster, leaner - but often we just forget. Or we put it off until tomorrow.

I caution you against continually putting your goals aside until you have more time or the weather is better - you might just find that someone else is riding your purple dirt bike with the "I Love My Bike" bell on the handlebar.

I hope they're short, otherwise it's going to be a mighty uncomfortable ride....

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