Food Find, April 3rd

In BlogLand, it seems as though this week has been pretty food-centric. Two blogs in particular had some really thought provoking conversations going on in regards to eating, eating too much, eating too little and the fine line we all walk when it comes to our relationship with what goes into our mouth. Check them out, read, digest and contribute:

  • Byers Gets Diesel - read March 31st, March 28th, and if you're a subscriber (and you should be!) - the CrossFit Journal article found here.

My particular thoughts on food will have to wait for another time, when I can actually focus on the words that flitter past my eyes on the screen. Until then, I'll let these well-spoken ladies lead the way. Give them some link love, and keep them on your auto-dial.


  1. Thanks for the link love and your thoughtful comments, 'preciate it!


  2. Just giving credit where credit is due. Of course, due credit was supposed to be posted tomorrow, but ah well. This is what happens when you don't sleep :)


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