Big Apple Bites

It's time to leave the world of vacation and rejoin the real world. Today we fly back to New York and by tomorrow morning, it's back to business!

I have a lot of catching up to do - my barbell has been sitting lonely in my living room, the treadmill is gathering dust, and my pull up bar is suspended in time. It will be a pleasure to reacquaint myself with their charms. This week, my physical activity has been limited to sit-ups, a Stripper 101 class, yesterday's hikes and holding myself on the bike. I can't wait to move!

My kitchen also holds a lot of allure - as much as I've enjoyed not cooking and cleaning, it's time to get back to basics. Even doing my best to choose healthful items (with only 3 real indulgences all week) from the menus (without going crazy), I feel sluggish by now. I would love to spend a week drowning in yogurt, crunching on vegetables and noshing on fruit.

Vacation. 89 days until the next one :)

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