Monsters and Mortals, DIY

Step 1: Go to Rip's Basic Barbell Cert.
Step 2: Listen.
Step 3: Learn.
Step 4: Repeat.

  • If you touch a barbell, or are thinking about touching a barbell, GO TO THE CERT.
  • If you think you already know what you're doing and think that you don't need the cert - GO TO THE CERT.
  • If you train anyone, coach anyone, or give unsolicited advice to anyone - GO TO THE CERT.
I truly can't emphasize the value of this 2 day barbell certification course enough. Silly piece of certification paper aside, it was the most informative, worthwhile and practical weekend I could possibly have spent. The fact that this is not required of anyone running an affiliate or coaching CrossFit is shameful. You will come away from this certification with the tools to coach people in the 5 basic strength moves, as well as a deeper understanding of your own current capacity. You may even discover hidden potential.

As for me, I walked away with tattletale shins and knees (I jump FAR too early on my cleans).

To summarize:
  • Grab a copy of Starting Strength and Practical Programming.
  • Go to Rip's Cert.
  • Learn how to to it RIGHT.
  • Get strong.
And maybe, if you work really hard, someday you'll have an enormous neck like John Sheaffer of Greyskull Barbell Club:)

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