Rewind to: Don't Forget to Scrub behind your Ears

Today is all about the Grand Canyon River Adventure. I hate to say it, but getting in today's sit-ups is going to be tough :)

I hate leaving the house un-showered or, heaven forbid without brushing my teeth (hey, don't judge me- it happens!). Occasionally, my socks don't match. And, I'll admit that I've even left home wearing an outfit primed for a spot on the worst dressed list (that's what I get for not owning a full length mirror). Obviously these are things that happen under extenuating circumstances - hitting snooze one time too many, tax season exhaustion leading to extreme mental fog, cruddy lighting in the bedroom, misplaced fashion sense. But when they do happen, the occurrence is rarely (if ever) repeated the following day. I mean, who in their right mind would purposefully set themselves up to feel icky? Again?

Little things, that when overlooked, can completely set your day on end. Now, being intelligent people, we take pains to avoid sabotaging our day with something completely in our control. Right?

Well, let's look at this past week. Training partner was out of town. I had the best of intentions to continue along without her, following the CF main site and getting some runs in. Got sick, didn't train for 9 days. 9 days! My training partner returned, and with her came my mojo. Going to the gym was no longer an option - it was a scheduled, non-negotiable portion of my day (even when solo). Planned the evening before, and adhered to.

Light bulb moment - no matter what the workout was, or how I performed, I felt better after training. Alternatively, when I got sidetracked and didn't make it to the gym or for a run, I felt icky. Which begs the question - if I know that I feel icky when I'm (for lack of a better word) lazy, why do I allow those days to happen? Repeatedly?

There is no reason that I can't make time to train every single day that I plan to. I may have to alter my workout to accommodate time constraints that are beyond my control, but I should be able to squeeze something in, whether it be some KB swings, a quick run, or some body weight exercises. Without fail. No excuses.

Remember - shower, brush your teeth, check the mirror and be flexible with your training plans. You many have to short, go body weight, heck - even Body Sculpt with Gilad. But get the training in.

Just don't be icky.

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