Great Space Coaster

The AbCircle. Really?
  • "It's as fun as riding a roller coaster"?
  • "Circular Force Technology"?
  • "Momentum of Gravity targets your midsection"?
  • "3 min is equivalent to 100 sit ups"?
  • "You burn fat faster"?
  • "10lbs in 2 weeks"?
  • "Remove the pin, and it becomes a thigh machine"?
  • "Take the ride of your life and get the body of your dreams"?
  • "Slices, dices and chops"?
OK, so the last claim is from a different infomercial, but I'm sure one day someone will tout an exercise contraption that gets rid of ring-around-the-collar as well. It's not a stretch.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. If that's the case then how do you explain the over abundance of crap masquerading as the next great fitness breakthrough? There are 6 pages of Fitness/Diet products at 6 pages that range from Billy Blanks DVDs to cleaning programs (a disgusting plethora) to the Power Plate whole body vibration exercise machine. It's mind-boggling. This is not to say that all of these items have no value - the Bosu Balance Trainer was seen by consumers on informercials before showing up in gyms, with trainers adding stabilization work in an unstable, controlled environment.

But for the most part, the only thing slimming down is the consumer's wallet.

A commercial showing people working hard, eating right and slowly making the healthy changes they've set out to accomplish? Now that's an infomercial I'd love to see. I'd gladly pay the S&H and the sales tax for residents of NYS. But you can't set a price on common sense, and you can't bottle determination.

Until then, I'll just keep reading, questioning and putting one foot in front of the other.

See you on the road and in the gym!

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