The More You Know

Anyone remember those PSAs that ran on NBC back in the day? They aired in the 80's, starring the big TV stars of the moment and were always cheesy (in a fun way).

Well, I always want to know more. But as time goes by I am finding that the more I know, the more I realize I don't know!

This past weekend I attended a 2 day certification course to become an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) Certified Adult Running Coach. The first day focused on the nuts and bolts, the physiological and psychological aspects of running. The second day we split into groups and were given the opportunity to actually build a half marathon training program for a hypothetical runner. Once they were completed, we examined each plan and identified the strong points as well as what could be improved upon.

After 16 hours of incredibly concentrated information, I came away with one really big lesson:

I know nothing :)

But boy am I hungry for more!

I'm currently browing catalogs and websites for workshops and seminars in nutrition, holistic health, personal training - you name it and I'm probably looking into it. In an ideal world, I'd go back to school for a degree in exercise physiology or sports nutrition. But that ship has passed, so I will have to console myself with books, articles, seminars and certifications. I may not always agree with what's being taught (though that's my favorite kind of seminar to go to), but I'm always intrigued by something.

Be a sponge and keep an open mind. You may just learn something.

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  1. Cool!! You'll be an awesome adult running coach!! :) I'm so proud of you!

    MWAH sweetie!


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