Rain Check

Yesterday, I took the early express bus home in order to hit the track for a much needed speed workout. As my bus traveled from NYC to my home, the skies darkened and rain clouds loomed in the distance. Somewhere in New Jersey, the threat became reality and the view from my seat window was blurred with rain.

It was still raining as I walked from the bus to my front door. The dog reluctantly went out to take care of business, but had no desire to linger. I settled in for an early evening snack, looked at the downpour, and called my running buddy to find out what she wanted to do - run in circles in the rain, or opt out.

When she called me back, it was cool and misty outside. Track practice was called for 7 pm a few towns over. We hemmed and hawed. Accuweather.com showed thunderstorms all evening. Do we head to the track and chance it?

I'm sure you can predict where this is going. We did not go to track practice. It did not rain again, either.

So the question is - did I make the smarter, logical choice? Or was I looking for an excuse to get out of a planned workout?


  1. * stands on soap box
    Run in the rain. Run in the snow. Say "FU!" to mother nature. Its so very liberating. Some of my best outtings have been in bad weather. If you were scheduled to run an event that day I bet you'd go because you have a vested intrest. There-in lies the whole "commitment vs interest " speach. You will smile quitely to yourself the morning you line up to race and the weather is crap. Why? Because you trained thru all this before and its no big deal.

  2. *pushing Brett of soapbox*

    It's never an issue of rain - as witchy as I am, I'm not afraid of melting. But thunderstorms are something I never mess with, not on purpose. I'll run in a thunderstorm to get back home, but I won't set out in one.

    I LOVE running in rain. I'm faster :)


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