Whistle While You Work

Last night, I finally made it to summer track workouts with my local running club. Granted, at this point in my marathon training I shouldn't be doing speed work, but I went regardless.

And I am stating this right here - out in public:

  • If I do not get my arse there every single Wednesday evening, you all have permission to flame me.
Aside from getting in some much needed mileage and time on my feet, participating in an organized track workout gives my weekly running schedule structure. It acts as a pivot point, or an anchor from which I can construct the rest of my week. For example, since I know that I will run speed on Wednesdays, I make sure that Tuesday and Thursday are easier, lighter days. Which in turn forces me to crank out those longer, more difficult runs on Mondays. Because if I don't do it Monday, I can't do it again without throwing everything out of whack.

Which is not to say that I've abandoned my flexibility mantra - it's still there. But when working with a specific program, the parameters have to be defined. I can move around runs as I need to, but it has to be within reason and whatever I substitute should ideally fit a specific training objective.

In order to run stronger, I need to run smarter.

See you at the finish line!


  1. Hey I did speed work (well a 2 mile time trial anyway) Wednesdays must be speed workout with the running club night! :)

    What Marathon are you training for?


  2. Glad you are getting back into running...and pledging to work towards making your goal!


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