Closet Case

I'm off from work this week, but it's anything but a vacation. Instead, I am devoting this week to de-cluttering. NOT an easy task. In addition to the typical "Oh, this was my favorite sweatshirt in college" types of hoarded items, my home is over run with running paraphernalia.

Last week, I introduced you to the running bib collection. Today, I give you close to 4 years of running sneakers:

I actually have one of my first pair of "real" running sneakers. Why hold on to all of these high-mileage sneakers, you ask? Well, I had intended to donate them to a running organization. Instead, they languished at the top of my closet (obscuring my electric Menorah for 3 years, I might add....finally found it last night!).

Today, it's time to say goodbye to these remnants of my first 5M Turkey Trot, the Inaugural IU mini marathon, and the 2006 Philadelphia marathon.

Happy Trails.

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  1. Hey I remember that IU mini marathon!

    My goodness I miss you like crazy! Another race soon okay?



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