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Dear DVR,
I like you. Alot. I mean, I "like you" like you.
Your friend,

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain pouring out of the gutters like an engorged waterfall. With the weather service predicting more rain and thunderstorms all day (and a flood watch in effect) my plans of getting 15-20 miles in at the Lake puddled at my feet and flowed downhill to drain with the rainwater.

So here I stand (sit), poised on the brink of multiple hours upon my trusty treadmill, DVR remote in hand. Instead of a morning surrounded by deer, blue heron, bunny rabbits, turkeys and turkey vultures - I'm about to spend 20 miles with Booth, Bones, The Piemaker, Gibbs, Ziva, Sam and Michael Weston. If only the Sci Fi (I refuse to acknowledge the switch to SyFy) channel came in on the downstairs Tivo. Then I'd truly be well taken care of.

Syndicated and basic cable TV shows are a distance runner's best friend when nature throws a lightening bolt our way. Of course, without commercial interruption most TV shows run roughly 42 minutes, necessitating multiple shows per run.

Today, I'll be blowing through at least 4 one hour shows plus a "How I Met Your Mother" to round out the 15-20 miles.

The Treadmill and the DVR. Like peanut butter and jelly, oreos and milk, macaroni and cheese.

Some things were just meant to be.

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