If you decide to clean your room, turn to page 5. If you decide to nap, turn to page 7.

I love the weekend. Two days to relax, decompress, unwind and spend time with Mr. Diva, Doc and pu. Not to mention the amazing big red couch (our couch is quite likely the most amazing piece of furniture in existence).

Lately though, I've been relaxing entirely too much. I get my long run in on Saturday morning, and that's the last productive thing I manage to accomplish. My To-Do list languishes untouched. My kettlebell gathers dust. My plyo-box acts as pu's scratching post. And my nutrition goes haywire. Across the board, the choices I make on Saturday and Sunday are less than stellar. And let's be honest here - it's always a choice. Regardless of whether we are talking about house cleaning, exercise or food - life is most definitely a "Choose Your Own Adventure" experience.

We need to remember that there are 7 days in a week. 7 days. Not 5 days and 2 freebies. The rules don't change just because the day begins with the letter "S".

If only I could cheat and flip ahead a few pages, and change my mind if I don't like the direction the story is headed :)

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