The Mighty Pen(cil)

If you've looked at my training log the past few weeks, you'll notice that there seems to be something missing - weight training. Yes, it's true. I fell into the familiarity of marathon training and have neglected the barbell. Partially, this is due to shorter work weeks - if I'm missing full days of work I am reluctant to skip out mid day to hit the gym. But I think that a good portion of it has to do with just feeling a bit unfocused with my training. It's difficult to motivate myself for a workout when I have no clear objective. It's also a result of not having my workouts scheduled for specific days (as my running schedule is).

For myself, I find that if I have a workout set for a specific day - I'll do it. Period. And if I can't do it the day it's written in, I bust my tush to fit it in elsewhere during the week. But if I leave it open it has a tendency to be skipped entirely. It's amazing how powerful an excel spreadsheet can be :)

When I have a run written in, it glares at me. Taunts me. If I don't complete it (either that day, or within the week), it will haunt me.

The question in my mind is whether it's the ultimate goal (marathon) or the schedule itself that has such power over me. Will I adhere to a training regime if it's written out day by day, or do I need to have a concrete goal in mind?

How about you? What compels you to stick to your training?

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