Training partners are the world's gift to hard working athletes. As such, they are to be treated with respect and deference. If you are lucky enough to have found someone to meet at the gym, someone to drag your tush out of bed for a weekend run - cherish them.

Training with a partner is a privilege. That person has graciously agreed to spend quality training time with you. Often, they have adjusted their workout or training pace to accomodate your needs or abilities.

It is not your training partner's obligation to schedule their life around you.

Just as I don't expect my running partner to clear her Hawaiin vacation with me, or my workout partner to schedule her work obligations so that they're convenient for me - you shouldn't anticipate your partner being available for every run or WOD. You can plan all you like, but life comes with plenty of detours. What is important is that you continue with your training plan regardless - alone or partnered, the work still needs to be done.

So the next time you workout with a partner, be thankful. Be appreciative. Remember that someone is choosing to share the trials and tribulations of testing their physical limits with you out of kindness. It's not compulsatory, and should not be treated as such.

Thank you Mary Pat and Gillian for being there for me, on the roads and under the bar.

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