Mother May I

Kids' meals ROCK.

I managed to eat well not only at Disney, but at the San Diego zoo as well :) My secret?

Kids' meals.

Yup, you heard me - I walked up to the counter and ordered a kid's meal!

In Disneyland, I wound up ordering a "Kid's Power Pack" for dinner. Comprised of a non-fat yogurt (4 oz, like you get at a hotel's continental breakfast), string cheese, .75 oz of Goldfish Crackers and a bag of apple slices. Perfection.

In San Diego the offerings were a bit less nutritious, but the child's size meal kept everything under control. There, my kid's meal came in a souvenir bucket (yay!) and was made up of 3 chicken strips, a 1 oz bag of Sun Chips, a bag of animal crackers (oddly disturbing to eat animal shaped foods at a zoo) and a beverage in a souvenir cup. The chicken strips and beverage were consumed for lunch, the chips on the plane home and the animal crackers were used to keep my 1 yr old niece happy during the flight. A win/win situation.

So the next time you're faced with acres of fast food - remember that bigger isn't always better, and embrace the kid inside. You might even walk away with a toy :)

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