Pull For Hope comes to NYC

Some updates on Operation Pull For Hope:

The location has been moved to NYC, to be held at CrossFit Long Island City on November 14th.

The doors will open at 4:30 pm, and the benefit will kick off at 5 pm with the National Anthem (sung my yours truly). By 5:15 pm Gillian will begin her 100 Muscle Ups, and she invites attendees to join her!
For a minimum donation of $25 to Hope for the Warriors, anyone is welcome to
join Gillian for one of the muscle-ups. There will be several sets of rings
and she welcomes all kinds of muscle-ups (strict, kipping, jumping, spotted
by a coach, a pull up on the rings) - it is the effort that counts!

Personally, I'll most likely be doing a spotted pull-up on the rings (cut me some slack, I'm a late bloomer). Did I mention that I'll be wearing a dress and heels?

That's got to be something worth coming out to giggle at :)

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