Do as I Say, AND as I Do

So here's the deal - I want my dentist to have nice teeth.  My hairstylist to have good hair.  My financial advisor to be wealthy.  And I want my athletic trainers to be athletic, fit and strong. 

I'm not talking about trainers looking like bodybuilders - but I want my trainer to look FIT.  I want to trainers that look as though they practice what they preach. 

Does that make me shallow?


  1. of course not! :) You are probably one of the least shallow people I know!

  2. What is more important is he or she knows what their doing and able to communicate / coach to get the end results. I would opt for someone who is a little less fit but knows how to train and motivate vise someone who looks very fit but knows little about coaching. Example would be Lou Holtz who is small in stature but an awesome football coach. I also would not want someone with missing teeth and bad breath as my dentist.
    Just thinking out loud! But you’re right in an ideal world to have both! Except the financial advisor is most likely successful because it’s your money their getting (LoL)!
    Good thought provoking post.


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