Gobble, Gobble

OK kids!  Time to fess up!  Thanksgiving has come and passed - did you stick to your workout plan, or did you revel in rest?  How about your food goals?  Did you make smart choices, indulging in only the "once a year" treats?  Or did you embrace gluttony as though it were a religion?

Me?  I ate well, napped voraciously and enjoyed myself to the fullest. 


  1. ate like utter crap

    but i accomplished my workout goals. (:

  2. I am still eating like crap, while at the same time not accomplishing any workout goals.

    I guess I can blame my wedding (the celebrations are still ongoing).

    And next week I can point the finger at my honeymoon.

    After which, of course, we run into the holidays and New Year's Eve....


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