An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Bluetooth Ipod,

I am very happy that you enjoy your gadget.  It is very cool that you can attach your ipod to the beaded curtain near the tanning booths and wander around the free mat area, practicing your boxing movements.  Or that you can attach it to the metal posts of the squat rack while you do your squats (even tho they make my neck and back hurt just to watch).

But I would appreciate it greatly if you would resist the urge to sing along to the tunes.  Aside from the fact that your voice is less than stellar, I find it difficult to concentrate on my own workout when you keep blurting out random musical phrases.  It's quite frightening, to tell the truth.

The Shortie at the Squat Rack

ps - You  probably also didn't realize the ruckus you made when you dragged the plyo box across the floor (I know that you're a bad-ass, and needed the cable station so that you could don the vest, attach yourself and work your sparring moves).  It's a heavy box.  It is most likely larger than I am (or at least it feels that way whenever I pick it up to move it).   But dragging it is LOUD.  Particularly to those of us within spitting distance.

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