If you've got a burning fitness question, swing by Gillian's blog.  She's fielding questions - submit your question via email, and she'll be answering one weekly on her blog, every Friday.

From her website:
The primary reason that I have started this blog is to interact with the community. As a health and fitness professional, I take great pride in sharing with you my knowledge and experience. My wish is that each of you will pass this knowledge on in a meaningful way and help someone else.  Beginning this week, I will be answering one question a week on my blog. I will choose the questions that appeal to the broadest audience to answer in this public forum. I encourage you to ask questions about injuries, programming, specific skills, health, performance or even a specific challenge that you may be facing with a client. It is my hope that these questions and answers will begin a dialogue that we can all learn from.  If you have a question, please send an email to me at info@gillianmounsey.com and specify “Question of the Week” in the subject line. Your identity will be kept confidential.  Please stay tuned for the first “Question of the Week” that I will be answering this Friday (1/15/10).
You are also welcome to ask me questions, as long as you don't mind smart-alec answers having no basis in science, reality or good manners ;)


  1. How long will potato salad keep in the fridge before it goes bad?

  2. Well now, that's a trick question! You see, potato salad is inherently bad regardless of fridge time, as it's neither paleo nor comprised of appropriate zone marconutrient proportions.


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