The Biggest Snoozer

I've never been a big fan of the show "The Biggest Loser".  For me, it's neither exciting nor inspiring to watch severely obese individuals beat themselves up in an attempt to lose record amounts of weight in record time.  This is in no way a refection on them - I applaud anyone who makes healthier life changes.  But come on, let's get real!  How difficult is it, really, for someone who is 400lbs to lose weight?  Particularly when you throw them in a controlled environment, force them to do insane amounts of exercise, and dangle an obscene amount of money in front of them in the same way you'd taunt a horse with a carrot?

Well apparently I'm not alone in my less than warm-fuzzy-feelings for the show.  Read on:

‘Biggest Loser’ has big health problems

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  1. One of the dumbest shows ever. Second only to John and Kate + 8. barf-o-ramma


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