Keeping Time

Do you eat when you're not hungry?  I'm not talking about mindless eating or snacking, or even emotional eating.  But conscious eating - knowing full well that you aren't the least bit hungry, but going ahead and eating anyway.  No gluttony involved, but rather eating a planned meal or snack.

I find that I tend to hoard my food all day long, pushing my meal time back more and more until I'm no longer hungry.  Or saving the bulk of my snacks until later in the evening, and then having to consume them right before bed because I simply lost track of time :)

So let's hear it - what about you?


  1. Its 11 AM here and all my food is gone for the day. 8-( I eat constantly to the point where its bothersome at times. I wish I could hold off but I get so cranky when I am hungry or tired.

  2. Brett, if you're eating all your food less than 3 hours after getting into work, there's a VERY simple solution.



  3. My eating habits are driven by my activity level. The more active I am, the more I crave. If I'm having an inactive day, then I may only eat twice.

  4. You're a better man than I am, Tom :) Although I concede that I have, on occasion, skipped breakfast. But generally I will get at least my three squares a day. Even if I have to force-feed myself.


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