Perfect Posture Perfects Perfomance

In high school, I had a friend who would always repeat the mantra "Perfect posture perfects performance".  We were both typical overachievers, honors classes (a year ahead, thank you very much), after school activities, good relationships with our parents, fairly typical geeks :)

But wheras I would slouch at my desk, she'd always be upright and aligned. 

Perfect posture perfects performance.Smart cookie that I am, I made sure to emulate my friend :)  Whether or not my "perfomance" has been "perfected" or not remains to be seen - but I'm sure that my body is thankful for the attention to my posture.  

Bad posture is, to this day, one of my biggest pet peeves.  Particularly in tall people - I mean, come on!  You've got glorious height!  Show it off!!!

Poor posture upsets me most when I see it on avid gym-goers.  I fail to understand how someone seemingly intent on achieving physical health can overlook such an obvious flaw in their physique. For instance, there is a woman at my gym who puts herself through fairly grueling interval workouts.  She drips with sweat, moving from a barbell to the stair master (I won't even go into her form or lack thereof on that maching) to the decline ab bench and back absolute workhorse.  She is incredibly lean, but her shoulders roll forward to her chest in such a way as to make me uncomfortable  (I seriously roll my shoulders whenever I see her).  I don't know if she's just lazy with her posture, or if she's built up such an imbalance between her chest muscles and her back that she's basically PULLING her shoulders to the front.  Yes, I realize that she very well could have some sort of condition, but let's theorize that she doesn't (for the sake of the argument). 

What I want to know is how someone who puts so much work and effort into their training can miss something so simple to correct?

Don't piss me off.  Stand up tall.  Own the space your body occupies.  All of it.  All the time.  Your back will thank you for it.

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