Obituary for a Binkie

On Monday, July 26th, the 32oz Blue Nalgene bottle with the green sipper top and the pink smoothie straw was reported missing.  The beloved bottle was inadvertently left backstage at a theatre Monday night, where it had graciously provided it's owner with refreshment during a short concert she was performing in.  It has not been seen since.

During its all to short life, the bottle enabled its owner  to drink an entire bottle on the way into work without spilling all over herself when they hit bumps in the road, or stop and go traffic.  She was able to walk from my office to the gym, sipping away.  It was easy to keep hydrated at her desk all day long, and keep it going on the commute home.  Once there, the Blue Nalgene was a familiar sight either at the couch or on the dinner table.  And it had a space of honor beside her on my nightstand.

The Blue Nalgene bottle is survived by a Pink Kleen Kanteen and many other bottles (too numerous to count) that are merely a pale shadow of portability and ease of use.

It will be missed.


  1. Let us have a moment of silence *bows head*

    U do know they probably have made more than one of these things right....right?


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