Parody or Propaganda?

OK, really?  REALLY?

I detest this sort of propaganda.  People deserve the right to be educated, and in that same vein - they deserve the right to make their own decisions and thus be held accountable for the consequences.

You can't blame a fast food restaurant for making you fat.  You can't blame a fast food restaurant for your health problems.  Though Peter Griffin tried - he sought to sue McBurgerWorld for damages after he suffered a stroke after having consumed 30 of their hamburgers in one sitting :)

As posted on the Fooducate blog, the parody commercial above was created by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine.  In case you hadn't realized, PCRM supports vegetarian and vegan diets.   In fact, according the PCRM, the 4 food groups should be: Fruit, Legumes, Whole Grains and Vegetables.   While I agree that a diet based predominantly within these constraints is beneficial, it's not the magic solution to our nation's health issues.  

And Big Macs aren't the devil, either.



  1. This ad makes me sick! It's so frustrating how people don't take responsibility for their own actions. And yes, PROTEIN is necessary in a diet, although the source doesn't have to be meat.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. It reminds me of that documentary SUPERSIZE ME where the guy in the film eats fast food for every single meal (3x a day and has super sizes whenever they ask) Granted if you're diet is only fast food, you are naturally going to have negative consequences. I think we all have to be responsible for our own choices.


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