Potato Creek Trail Runs

If any of you are situated in the Midwest (or have a hankering to travel) check out this inaugural set of races being hosted by a very cool dude:

The Potato Creek Trail runs will be an event for all skill levels and age groups.  The course will have varying distances that will cater not only to the hardened ultra runner but also to the first timers who are new to the sport.   Theses races will not only serve to expose athletes to the joys and excitement of trail running but will also expose  an entire new, and diverse group of people to the natural beauty that exists at Potato Creek.   The intent is to slowly and carefully grow the race each year; making certain the athlete has a quality experience  regardless of number of entrants.   Events include a 13.1 Mile Mini Marathon, 26.2 Full Marathon, and 60K Ultra Marathon. 

They've got both online and mail-in registration, and I'm sure the finishers' medals will be kickin'!  Check it out!!

If my little brother weren't getting hitched the night before, I'd be there with bells on!! 

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