Stranger than Fiction

Oversize Man Sues White Castle Over Seats

Here's what I'd like to know...

When you are too large to fit into a booth at a fast food restaurant, do you:

  • A) Get take out
  • B) Seriously reexamine the life choices that have led you to this point
  • C) Sue the restaurant


  1. Hi Stacey! No comment on fat men at white castle, but it's good to see you post again! -steve

  2. Hiya Steve! No heavy hate here, just finding the humor is suing over booth size :) That and the fact that he apparently complained about getting vouchers for free hamburgers, but that he'd have to pay extra for cheese...

    We should run soon! Say, from Rockland Lake to White Castle??

  3. Next thing you know, he will be contacting his lawyer because he can't get past the door. The only use for people like this is to use them as an example of what not to be like. You can only hope someone like this will turn their life around and show other like them that they are only an attitude adjustment away from living guilt free and happy (Not always feeling like the victim).

    I blame the lawyer equally, along with the judicial system, for the lack of discretion and bogging down the system for the real criminal cases.

    Welcome back Staci - We all need a break from the blog spear from time to time, but great to see you posting again. Look forward to some more.


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