It isn't you, it's me.

Tax day has come and gone, and it's time to reclaim my life. Topping the list of the things that have gone by the wayside for the past 8 weeks - running. Outdoors! I'm looking forward to a nice, leisurely, completely-devoid-of-rocks-and-roots afternoon run this weekend. Afternoon, because next on the sorely neglected list is sleep!

It just isn't natural for an alarm clock to go off at 6 am 7 days a week. I've been having a torrid affair with the snooze button - I think it's time to break up. Don't you?


  1. woo hoo! welcome back to blogging! love the new look!

    but now who will cover the commuters? ;)

    will we see you at sybil? greenbelt?

  2. You'll see me at Greenbelt, but I will be on a plane to LaLa land on the 26th. I almost rearranged my vacation plans so that I could run Sybil, but realized that if I did that I'd wind up a single woman ;)


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