21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds (31 pounds for moi)
Ring dips (jumping ring dips, x2)


This afternoon, I went to my very first official WOD (workout of the day) at CrossFit NYC. After a month of taking the Elements Workshop (where they introduce you to various elements of training), and every beginners class I could attend - I can safely say that I am still a pussy :) But ya gotta start somewhere, and luckily for me the guys at CrossFit NYC are both infinitely helpful and welcoming. Thanks, guys.

Cross-training is something that I've been very lax about this past year. At some point last August, it seems as though a switch were flipped somewhere inside me and I became a mileage whore. All other workouts were pushed aside so that I could get more miles in. As much as I tried to make sure that they were quality miles, I know that a good majority had to have been junk. But at the same time, my stamina increased in leaps and bounds, so it was a really hard habit (compulsion) to break. The only thing that finally did break it was the onset of winter. I had been running the bulk of my mileage pre-dawn, and though the area is well lit I knew there was no way I'd be able to see the icy conditions. Reluctantly, the running moved into the gym, where I could sneak away during the work day. As such, the amount of time I could devote was virtually cut in half, bringing my whoring days to an abrupt halt.

It is with high hopes that I move my running outdoors once again. My goal is to run smart and strong, in the hopes that I can get another step closer to realizing my potential as a runner (even we recreational runners can have lofty goals). To that end I look forward to experimenting with more speedwork, less mileage, and CrossFit.

'Cause, yeah - I want to be able to do a pullup. Maybe even two.


  1. i wanna do a pull up! first i gotta master the push up :(

  2. Meri - I used to do push ups the real way (on my toes), but I'm back to girlie style :( Working on it, though!


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