The Sun Deck, 12 Laps per Mile

As I sit here in my living room, my new 80's haircut saturated with Manic Panic Vampire Red and wrapped in a Duane Reade bag, I am going over the list of things I still need to pack for vacation.

Do I pack my running gear?

Every trip begins the same, with the best intentions to continue some semblance of my daily routine. And I really do have the best intentions. Really. I do. But in the end I rarely, if ever, lace up my sneakers and go for a run.

It's not because I'm lazy or unmotivated (most of the time). Generally, it's because I feel guilty. Guilty that I'm taking time away from spending time with the boy. He's such a good sport about all my early morning runs, the weekend runs and the races out of town. We spend so little time together at home, how do I walk away from him on our vacation?

I will pack my sneakers. I will pack the mp3 player. I will pack my best intentions and place them beside my Bodyglide and sunblock. I'd love for this next week to be a change of scenery rather than an upheaval of routine. But whatever it will be, it is first and foremost an opportunity to spend time with someone I love.

And if that means my sneakers languish in solitiude, so be it. That may be the price I pay for surf, sun and sipping an umbrella drink with my sweetheart.

Run strong, my friends. Add a mile or so for me :)


  1. always pack the running gear. I hope you have a great trip :)

  2. Guess who hasn't run an inch?

  3. don't worry, a lot of inches coming up this weekend :D


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