As some of you may have realized, I have a tendency to over-extend myself. Case in point: I am currently in a race against time to use up dance classes and pilates sessions that will expire soon. As such, I have been doing nothing but moving one body part or another for the past two weeks. The end result - everything hurts, and nothing does what I want it to do. Plus, I'm spending entirely too much time out of the office, which translates to not enough money in my pocket. It may have been cheaper just to eat the classes and chalk it up to learning valuable time management skills.

Next up, the 7 Bikram yoga sessions that have already expired, but can be rolled over when I purchase another 5 class pack.

No, I don't ever learn ;)


  1. Staci -sometimes you need a rest weekend or rest day!...it is nice to sleep late and not have to worry about rushing around to a race. That is a stress and 1/2 sometimes. Sounds like you do go 24/7! I did nothing this sunday but a slow jog! Should have biked but....
    looking forward to Pineland, I think.

  2. Make sure you are rested for Sunday !

  3. Rest? What is this "rest" thing you kids are speaking of?



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