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A sock is a knitted or woven type of hosiery garment for enclosing the human foot. They are worn on the feet. Socks are designed to:
  • ease chafing between the foot and footwear,
  • keep the feet warm
  • provide comfort
  • be fashionable
  • keep the feet clean
Ah, the humble sock. How I do love thee.

Today, I went to the gym to run a few slow miles in my new sneakers. The plan was to run 2 -3 on the TM, and then meet up with a friend to chat on the elliptical. While still at the office, I had taken my normal (old) gym sneakers out of my bag, and replaced them with my new sneakers. I should note here that I generally stuff my socks into my sneakers for safekeeping.

As I made the switch, I looked at my WrightSock socks - stuffed into my old sneakers - and debated taking them to the gym. Nah, I decided - let's stick with the Injinji (toe socks) that I'll be wearing for my races (which are shoved in my new shoes).

Up in the locker room, I pulled my (new) sneakers out of my bag, and lo and behold - I have only ONE sock. A left sock, to be precise. Of course, I have a newly healed blister on my RIGHT foot.

Dilemma - go back to the office (around the corner) for a full set of socks, or run sans sock?

What do you think I chose??

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  1. Sans sock!!!!!

    Last year at a 50M race, 3:30am race day i realized i had two right foot injinji socks :( i ended up wearing my cheap socks i wore on the trip down. I survived, but i was pissed, now i bring 2-3 pairs!!!!!!


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