Merigayle Endurance Run - Race Report

After a day filled with baby showers and graduation parties (cake and cake), I readied myself for the overnight portion of the Merigayle Endurance Run. I dressed, collected my Camelbak, pulled on my headlamp hat and hit the road.

At about 11:15 pm, roughly 4 miles away, I found out that the MER100 had been called due to a severe case of the Heebie Jeebies.

Alas, it simply wasn't meant to me.

Congratulations are in order, however, for Meri's strong 100k run! I wish I could have been there to keep you company (I miss you).

EXTRA special shout out to Maria for completing her very first 50k! Welcome to the dark side - we're lucky to have you here :)


  1. Great to see you ! Thanks for coming out, even if you didn't get to run. :)

  2. I am so sad we did not get to run (mostly walk) together!!!!!!!! :( But, really, we did not want to be on that trail at night and the other option was to run up and down the highway, no freakin way jose!

    how about joining us at the Turkey Swamp 50K in Aug in NJ?

  3. I would, if not for the fact that I'll be in VA at my CrossFit Level 1 cert....

  4. well you should stop by on your way down or back to say hi :)


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