What could possess a seemingly normal, attractive person to walk past a row of sinks after using the restroom and leave without washing their hands?

For weeks now, I have noticed that one particular woman just walks right out the door after flushing. I've never "seen" her, as I'm usually still in a stall when she leaves. But through the little slit in the door, I can tell that she's well dressed, with long dark hair and nice shoes. But dirrrrrrty hands.
Today, I finished before she did. And as I stood at the sink, scrubbing away, she walked past me and out the door.
One can only hope that she simply goes back to her office and uses something like Purell. Or sandpaper.
But why not at least pretend? Go through the motions? It would bother me to no end if someone thought that my personal hygiene was so lacking that I didn't even wash my hands after using the potty.
I think she's also a "squatter".



  1. I always say that if you have to wash your hands AFTER going to the bathroom then you are definitely washing the wrong thing!

  2. Yeah, well I do wash my hands after the bathroom. Thanks DAD!

    But I recently came across the realization that one cant be too germ phobic either if hanging out in a CF gym or an Oly gym!

  3. Hey Staci --this has nothing to do with washing your hands (although with 3 boys bringing home germs from school I am obsessive about it)--
    great photo of you in UltraRunning mag!!! Greenbelt 50K:) --
    you look great!!


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