NYRR Anniversary Run, 5:30 am - RR

'Twas a dark and stormy night
when all through the flat
not a creature was stirring
.....not even Gandalf (the cat).

With a peal of alarm,
the cell phone rang out
it was time to go run
(we were crazy, no doubt).

The rain pelted down
as we walked down the block
the subway arrived
and we looked at the clock.

There was plenty of time
if we played things just right -
we'd get to the race
as day grew from night.

We walked to the start
in a deluge of rain
"what the fuck are we doing"?
...Yes we're insane.

The runners set off
through the soggy, wet park
we ran in a circle
and passed each mile mark.

One up through five
the miles passed by
until finally we finished
'neath a brightening sky.

We were slow.
We were wet.
We were done.
Game. Match. Set.

Yup, not even three hours of sleep. Gotta love bad poetry ;)


  1. love the poetry but you are nuts -I can find easier ways to get a point.

  2. bravo! or, brava :D

    shakespear (or ginsberg) couldn't have penned a better rr :D

  3. That was a great race report. I'm crazy, but anyone who went to that race is certifiable as well. Welcome to the nuthouse!!

  4. Thanks, Alex. I've always been certifiable, and have spent entirely too many miles drenched ;)


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